Raspberry Pi & Extensions

Raspberry Pi and it's extensions. Full introduction of raspberry pi & it's extensions. Some basic knowledge about raspberry pi.

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  • FAQ
  • Starter Kit
    • Final Starter Kit
    • Kodi Kit
  • Raspberry Pi related products
    • SD Cards
    • HDMI & Converter
    • Case
    • Wifi Dongle
    • Bluetooth Dongle
    • Audio & Video Cable
    • Hifi Board
    • Development Related
    • Screen
    • Remote Control
    • Power Supply

Raspberry Pi FAQ

  1. What's the difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino?
  2. What's the main usage of Raspberry Pi?
  3. What's the difference between Raspberry Pi 2 Model B/ Raspberry Pi B+ / Raspberry Pi Model A?
  4. What's the essential parts to play with Raspberry Pi.
  5. Where to start?
  6. How to use it for programming?


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