Retro Arcade Buttons and Joystick Kit

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Each encoder can just support one joystick.
We have 4 colors ( Pink, Yellow, Blue,Green,) can be choose from. For this bid we just send PINK+BLUE. If you need any other color,Please do leave us a message when you make the order.
Compatible model:
MAME & Fight Stick etc.
Packing Includes
2 x High quality encoder board
2 x USB Cable
8 x 2pin Cable for Joystick
26 x Wire cables for Buttons. (The size for this cable is perfect for Sanwa push button )
2 x High quality 2 Pin Joystick (Made In China)
16 x 30mm Push Buttons (Made In China)
4 x 24mm Push Buttons (Made In China)
-Product feature:
1. High performance COMS technology.
2. The rocker IC supports multiple game equipment form.And in two kinds of equipment .Digital mode, Analog mode can arbitrary switching.
3. Support function key TURBO and AUTO mode with LED twinkle.
4. USB connection normal instructions (Good Connect).
5. Support power on shaft center positioning and center dead zone function.
6. Support the above version, support Win2003 and under various operating systems all support DirectX Output force feedback game.
Functional Description:
1. AUTO - FIRE Mode
When the function keys and AUTO key at the same time be pushed, the function button enter to AUTO - FIRE mode, the corresponding D LED or A LED with 12Hz frequency flicker.
When the key and CLR key at the same time be pushed, then exit AUTO - FIRE mode, the D LED or A LED return to Lighting state
2. TURBO Model
If the function keys and TURBO key at the same time be pushed , this function key into the TURBO mode.
In this mode according to the function keys are corresponding D LED A LED or with 12Hz frequency scintillation, such as not key the DLED or ALED keep ChangLiang state. When the function keys and CLR key at the same time be pushed, the TURBO functions are clear
3. Good Connect
BOSEGA - 822 provides Good USB Connect indicating technology, when BOSEGA - 822 successful configuration and normal work, D LED or A LED light; Otherwise, if BOSEGA - 822 configuration failure or doesn\'t work properly, the DLED or ALED extinguished