Raspberry Pi 3 Start Kit - Advanced

​Choose different size of Micro SD Card
Choose HDMI cables
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Get all the frequently used raspberry pi 3 part in one time.
If you are a software developer please have a look at our Kit for Developer . There are some interesting things in it.
This kit contains the following parts:
-Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
-Clear Case for Pi 3
-16GB TF Card
-1m HDMI Cable
-1 Copper and 1 Aluminium heatsink(small)
-Ethernet Cable
-2.5A Power Supply (Most problems are caused by power. It is better to use 2.5A or above power supply)
You may still need:
-USB Keyboard & Mouse
-Monitor (TVs or Screen)
-HDMI to VGA converter
For more details about raspberry pi please visit the following website.

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