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arduino starter kit - basic kt0003

Arduino Starter Kit - Basic (16 Projects)

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This Starter Kit With Arduino Projects has more than 16 projects for Arduino fans or geeks, for those beginners who are interested in Arduino.

You will have a complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components. We will offer you detailed tutorials including project introduction and their source codes.You may learn about Arduino through using these basic projects. This kit will help you control the physical world with sensors.


CH340 Driver

If you using it in Windows 7 or Windows XP you need to install the driver for the board then RESTART you system.

1. 1pcs x for Arduino UNO Compatible board

2. 1 pcsx Breadboard

3. 1pcs x LED emitter kit (red / blue / yellow; each 5pcs)

4. 1 pcsx 74hc595

5. 2 pcsx Buzzers

6. 2pcs x Seven-segment display (1-digit)

7. 1pcs x Seven-segment display (4-digit)

8. 4pcsx Push button switches

9. 3pcs x Light dependent resistors

10. 5pcs x 10K resistors

11. 5pcs x 1K resistors

12. 8pcs x 220R resistors

13. 1pcs x Adjustable resistor

14. 1pcs x LM35 temperature sensor

15. 1pcs x RGB module

16. 1pcs x 8*8 LED module

17. 30pcs x Breadboard cables

18. 2pcs x ball switches

19. 1pcs x Flame sensor

20. 1pcs x Infrared receiver

21. 1pcs x USB cable (80cm)

22. 1pcs x Remote control

23. 1pcs x 9v Battery Connector

Compare to Standard Version

This kit is lack of LED 1602 and Step Motor & Servo Motors than the standard version. You can buy them at the following link.


Download the instruction.

Download the instructions with the following link.

Sample Code & Instructions

CH340Driver (DCcduino_ch340-drivers.zip, 2,718 Kb) [Download]

Arduino Stater Kit Tutorals 14 Projects (Arduino_Stater_Kit_Tutorals_14_Projects.zip, 7,989 Kb) [Download]