Zigbee Gateway

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Multifunctional Gateway

The multifunctional Gateway is the control centre of the whole smart home system. It can connects hundreds of sensors or devices. It is a commander of sensors and can manage the logic device assigned for each device.

Note: This is the base part of the system. You still need other components to work with the it. You can place several gateways in your home for better signals.

Online radio: built-in speaker, support online radio, timing turn off when you are asleep and turn on to wake you up

Night lights: built-in light sensor, and with 16 million changeable color lights turn on when in low light conditions
Customized bell: customize the bell for alarm. Connect with APP to upload the songs you like to the gateway
Connected with body sensor: when someone passes by, the light will auto turn on
Connected with door sensor: light and ring for you when you open the door
Connected with IP camera: warning reminds and video view for you when someone breaks in your house
Note: this item is required for other zigbee items.