Door/Window Sensor

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Door Window Sensor

Door Window Sensor is used to detect open close of the door or window.

You can get the message when the door or window open or closed. Also you can get the current status of Open or Close. That is very useful when you outside but want to confirm you have closed the window.

The battery can last over one year and it is easy to change the battery by yourself. The sensor should be placed within 90 meters of the gateway. (eyesight distance) .

Note: Please confirm you have bought a Zigbee Gateway or the devices with same functions. For example 180 degrees cameras or Air Conditioner Charger gateway version.

Sample Scenes

  • Trigger and alarm: it will trigger the light and ring when someone open the door, the light will automatically turn on when someone open the door
  • Alarm: In security mode, if someone broke into, the bell (in Gateway) will remind you with alarm or App messages.
  • Take video: Record a video when door opened

Built-in 1pc CR2032 cell battery, last for 2 years

Note: this item must match the Xiaomi multifunctional gateway to use