Android TV Box FAQ

Here is some frequently asked questions about FAQ.

Q: Do I need a smart tv to use this box?

A: No. Any tv with HDMI input will work.

Q:I have two tv sets in different rooms do I need two boxes?

A: Yes. You can get discount if bought two or more.

Q:Do I need fibre to watching streaming contents?

A:Not necessary. We tested it in rural area with VDSL. It works well. Sometimes the streaming speed is not determined by the speed on your side but the speed on server side.

Q:Can I use Netflix/Hulu/Lightbox or Spotify?

A:Yes for most apps. But it is a rooted device so that means some apps which need an unrooted box will not work on this box. E.g Lightbox. But I tested Netflix and Spotify. They works well. You also can donwload apps from GooglePlay.


does it pick up freeveiw?
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