About GeekStudio

GeekStudio (Surlex Limited) is an electronic DIY parts store. We sell Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Sensors and other hardware. We also provide hardware design services.

We are based in North Shore, Auckland and like you, we have a desire for the wonderful world of Technology.

Office Address: 9 Galaxy Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0630

Geek Studio wants to become a successful business which will be known mostly for creating tutorials which will teach people how to begin hardware design and embed programmes.
We see a vast variety of young people growing up wanting to learn how to do all this. Our website tutorials and Products will give them the basic skills they need to know about the grounding of the open source hardware and they great thing is, they will be able to learn this when they want to.
We believe that we have the equipment needed by students for them to use and learn how to do basic projects which will greatly aid them in the future if they decide that they would like to take their desire for open source hardware one step further.
Terms and Conditions can be viewed in the link below.